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What web browsers / devices does HapYak support?
What web browsers / devices does HapYak support?
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Standard HapYak Functionality

HapYak annotations are delivered using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This means they work out of the box on the vast majority of operating systems and browsers.

Specifically, we certify the following browsers:

  • The latest two major versions of all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE / Edge, Safari) For latest versions, click here.

  • Safari on iPad

In addition, HapYak videos will work just fine on most other browsers. If your video is playing without the interactions, check the following:

  1. Most often it's because, the browser doesn't support HTML5. (For example IE8). You can see if your browser supports HTML5 here. To update your browser, click here.

  2. Mobile Phones: By default, when you click play on a video on many phones, it actually plays the video in the native video player app (QuickTime player on iPhones for example) rather than on the web page.  This strips away any overlays, including HapYak's. There's an easy fix for that. Click here for more info.

Advanced HapYak Functionality

Some additional HapYak features have specific requirements that prevent them from operating properly in certain environments. Please refer to the list below for more information on which environments do not support certain HapYak Features.

Live Video

  • Safari on iOS 12 if "Closed Captions" are off (default)

  • Windows 7/IE 11 when Brightcove Player v. 6xx is used

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