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The HapYak Quiz Annotation. Purpose-built simple for interactive video. Used primarily for marketing and eLearning videos.

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Adding a Quiz

To add a quiz 

  • Click the "?" icon. 

  • Type your question and answer options. 

  • Click "+ Choice" for an additional multiple choice option. 

  • Click "+ Input" for an additional free response input field.

  • Click the trash icon located to the right of each question and answer choice to delete any question, choice or input field. (Note: depending on screen settings and video content, the delete icon can sometime be difficult to see. It will however, always be present to the right of the answer choice)

  • Indicate the correct answer(s) by checking the radio button next to them.

  • You can add additional Questions to a quiz annotation by clicking "+ Question". 

Quiz Options

  • Show cancel button | Adds a "cancel" button to the quiz, allowing the viewer to skip and not answer the quiz. Uncheck if you want to ensure a submission.

  • Randomize choices | Randomly orders the choices for the viewer (feature in beta, email us to request it for your group).

  • Review screen | What the viewer sees after they submit. Details below.

  • Pass/Fail actions | You can change what the viewer sees next based on correct or incorrect answers to the quiz. This is known as "Adaptive Quizzing". Details below.

  • Answer types | By default there is only one correct choice per question. Here you can opt to allow multiple correct choices, and if desired, require all correct choices to be selected for the question to be answered correctly..

Review Screen

  • Show review screen | Uncheck if you would like the video to simply play after a submit.

  • Allow retry | Let the viewer resubmit their answer if they answered incorrectly.

  • Allow viewer to see correct answer(s) | Let the viewer see which answer(s) were correct if they answered incorrectly.

  • Review screen message | Set a text message that the viewer sees after they submit. Default is "Review your answers."

Pass/Fail actions

Here you can load a URL, jump to video time, load a new video, add a custom message and more, based on whether the viewer passes or fails that particular quiz.

To "pass" the quiz, the viewer must answer at least 51% of the questions correctly by default. This can be adjusted by clicking "Set custom pass/fail threshold".

  • Load URL | Automatically load any URL (to a web page, another interactive video, another lesson, a PDF, a supplemental learning resource, a landing page, etc....).

  • Jump to video time | Go to any annotation in the video or to a specific custom time.

  • Jump to video | Go to any video in an experience. If you have a video and a video time selected it will jump to that time in the new video. (Available for experiences only).

  • Load track ID# (advanced) | Load an entire new track of annotations. This is a rarely used feature.

  • JavaScript (advanced) | Set a JavaScript variable. Used most often used to update a score in a separate annotation or a separate system, like an LMS.

  • Alternate message on pass / fail | Show a different message depending on how the viewer did on the quiz (for example, "That's not quite right, let's try again...").

  • Reset questions | You can choose whether or not to show the quiz to the viewer again if they reach that point in the video again (for example if they were branched back to an earlier part of the video to review a specific section and then you wanted them to answer the quiz again).

Free Response Question

The default question type is multiple choice. To create a free response question:

  • Delete the first multiple choice answer option

  • Click "Add Text Input." (note: users must click the radio button next to the free response field).

Show Questions

You can select to show the quiz annotations to the viewer only once or every time they view the video. Go to Settings, then select Show questions: Only Once or Every view.

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