Branching and Choose Your Own Adventure video is easy with HapYak. We offer two methods.

You can create branching videos using Playlists (where separate videos are loaded in the same video player - similar to how some other expensive custom interactive video technologies work). The viewer jumps from video to video using interactions. Examples here and here

Or you can create In-Video branching (where all scenarios are edited together in one "Supercut"). The viewer jumps from point to point in the same video using interactions. Examples here and here.

Both work equally well. it's a personal preference based on your production process and how your videos are already produced.

Playlist Branching

To create a Playlist in HapYak from scratch use the Branching Experience.

If you are already using Wistia or Brightcove playlists go here: 

In-Video Branching

Each branching video is unique. If you are starting from scratch, follow these tips for success the first time around.

  • Focus on just 2 or 3 choices at each choice point. This is much easier for the viewer to process and results in higher interaction rates.
  • Add Chapters for each point in the video where a choice begins (don't worry, these are invisible to the viewer).
  • Make each choice point last for about 10 seconds. Add links for each choice that jumps the video to the correct chapter. Set "Action to take if the viewer doesn't click" to loop back. 
  • Add bumpers (sections of white or black or motion graphics) between the different choice sections. We recommend about 5 seconds.
  • Optional Pro Tip: Continue the audio track underneath the choice points and bumpers. This creates a more seamless experience for the viewer.
  • Always allow the person to return to the choice points. You'll be surprised at how many viewers want to watch the videos over and over again. To do so simply add a text or image annotation that links back to the choice point.
  • Super Pro Tip: You can even track which paths viewers follow in the branching video and trigger actions based on those paths.

Best Practices

Here is a video that walks you through the best practices for branching and choose your own adventure video.

We're always happy to advise on your project. Email any time for personalized advice.

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