This feature is in Private Beta. You must have the Branching Experience provisioned for your account to use it. Emall for access.

The Branching Experience allows you to quickly string together multiple videos and add annotations that let the viewer and jump from video to video. This creates a "choose-your-own-adventure" experience for your viewers.


  1. Click the Experiences Tab
  2. Name the experience. Click "Branching" Type. Click "Next".
  3. Add Projects. You can choose existing projects or create new ones. (As a reminder a "Project" in HapYak is one interactive video). You can even mix existing projects and new ones you create for this experience. And don't worry, you can always add more projects and rearrange them later.


  1. You will now add all the annotations you need, You'll most likely be adding text or hotspot annotations that branch from video to video. To do so, add the annotation, click "link", then Jump to video: and select the video from the list.
  2. At the bottom you'll see the full list of videos. Simply drag and drop to re-arrange the order of videos or click Edit to adit a different video.


Click "View". This will open up a dedicated landing page that you can share with anyone.

Currently you can not embed an experience in a separate web page or system. To be notified when this is available email


  • Auto Progress - Automatically progresses to the next video in the playlist when the previous video ends
  • Auto Play - Automatically plays each video in the playlist when a viewer clicks to it or when they progress to it automatically.
  • Custom CSS - Apply custom styling to the entire experience. Read more here.
  • Tags - Tag the experience, just as you would a project.
  • Social Sharing - Standard social sharing bar at the top. Select the social channels you'd like to include. Add an optional message.
  • Branding - Add a header or footer to the landing page. Include HTML code directly here.
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