The HapYak Plugin for Brightcove is a huge timesaver for Brightcove customers. It's the magic connection that saves you time by auto-creating and auto-publishing projects.

The plugin is an add-on to a HapYak Enterprise account. You can get access by contacting your Brightcove Account Manager or emailing support@hapyak.com.


The plugin is added to one or more Brightcove players. You'll want to add it to every player you want to publish interactive videos with.  You can start with one player and add it to more as you go.

  1. Go to Brightcove Video Cloud / Players
  2. Select the player.
  3. Scroll down to "Plugins". Click "Edit".
  4. Click "JavaScript". Enter https://d2qrdklrsxowl2.cloudfront.net/js/partners/brightcoveV2/hapyak-plugin.js
  5.  Click "Name, Options (JSON)". In "Plugin Name" enter hapyak (note: all lower case)
  6. In "Plugin Options" enter the below. (Your read api key can be found here)
  7. Click "Save", then "Publish".

Here is a video tutorial on how to add the HapYak Plugin to a Brightcove Player.

Auto-Create Projects

Once the Brightcove player is configured with the HapYak plugin, all videos published with this player will automatically appear as a project in HapYak. This helpful feature will ensure quick and easy auto creation of projects. 

If you don't see the project yet, simply go to Brightcove Video Cloud / Media and select the video. Click "Publish". Select the player that has the plugin added to it. Click the "Preview in browser" link. Play that for a few seconds and the project will be created.

Auto-Publish Projects

Add annotations in HapYak as normal. Publish your videos via Brightcove as you normally do. The plugin adds the annotations automatically when your viewers watch it.

If you are working on a draft of your interactive video and don't want the annotations to appear right away, click "Configure", uncheck "Published" then click "Submit." When your ready to publish, check "Published", then click "Submit."

Advanced Features

Title Sync (Optional)

By default, the HapYak Project title will be the same as the Brightcove video title when the project was autocreated. You can, as an option, ensure that the HapYak project title is updated if you change the title of the video in Brightcove.

  1. Go to Integrations. On the Brightcove card, switch on Enable.
  2. In Brightcove go to Admin / API Authentication. Click "Register New Application". Fill out details according to this Brightcove KB article. Ensure that Video Read is checked under "Exposed Brightcove APIs". Click "Save".
  3. In HapYak Integrations, enter your Brightcove api credentials (Client Id, Client Secret, Account Id).  Click "Save".
  4. Click Sync Titles Now to start the sync process. When the sync is complete, you will be notified of the number of projects updated in your account. It should only take a few minutes.

Repeat step 4 every time you'd like to update the Project titles.

Here is a video tutorial on how to turn on Title Sync.


You can create a Template in HapYak and quickly apply it to dozens or hundreds of Brightcove videos. Details here.


You can Create a branching/choose your own adventure video using HapYak and Brightcove video. Details here.

Custom Style for Single Videos

The HapYak Style Builder lets you easily set colors and style for all your interactive videos. With the plugin, you can set styles for single Brightcove videos.

Important Notes

  1. There will be an initial delay (due to caching) between the time when the HapYak project is auto created and the time that annotations appear via the plugin. The delay can be upwards of a couple hours.
  2. Do not manually create Brightcove projects in the HapYak portal. The plugin will do this automatically.
  3. Do not manually modify the video source of a HapYak project that was automatically created. 
  4. Do not use the EMBED code generated from HapYak when using the plugin. Instead publish your videos per the normal Brightcove workflow.
  5. Here is detailed documentation on the HapYak Plugin for Brightcove.
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