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What is a HapYak Experience? What types of Experiences are there?

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A HapYak Experience is a video with other elements (like synced slides or an e-commerce cart) outside the video player that dynamically interact with video player.

HapYak experiences allow you to dynamically communicate between the video and the web page itself, opening the door to a new generation of lean-forward interactive realities for your viewers. 

Experience Types

Video Landing Page

A Video Landing Page experience is a great way to create a playlist of videos, set up a dedicated landing page link, and quickly add branding to the header and footers to the landing page. 

Furthermore, there are two options for Video Landing Pages:

  • Single Video Landing Pages hide the other videos from the user's view, forcing the user to navigate only via the Branching/CYOA annotations.

  • Playlist Landing Pages show all videos included in the experience at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to quickly jump from video to video at will. 


HapYak SlideSync is a powerful interactive video experience allowing users to present related slide decks or presentation imagery while the video plays.

Read more on SlideSync here.


HapYak Branching experiences allow you to create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) experiences for your viewers. 

Read more about Branching Experiences here

Experience Advanced Notes

  • Experiences use HapYak Player with native controls as the embed type. This is so multi-video experiences have a standard look and feel

  • Viewer Interaction on the standard HapYak annotations is included in HapYak Reports as normal.

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