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Embedding a Google Form, Typeform, Calendly, Email Marketing, CRM or Marketing Automation Form in a Video.

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The Custom Form widget allows you to embed any form from any system (like Google Forms, Typeform, Calendly, Eventbright, etc...) on top of a video.

This widget also cleverly hides the form and only slides it open when a viewer clicks a call to action. Here it is in action...

Adding a Custom Form

  1. Select Add Iframe from the annotation menu (the icon highlighted above). 

  2. Select Custom Form from the Widget Library and click Add.

  3. On the Configuration menu enter the form source URL, button text, color, and icon, and set your form's width and position. 

  4. Click Save

  5. Enjoy your new custom form!

Pro Tips

  • Using an external form (like Google Forms) with this annotation has the advantage of sending all the submitted data straight to that system. Note that no data submitted to the form will show up in the standard HapYak Reports as it's routed directly to the external system.

  • Think about setting the Start Time to 5 or 10 seconds (near the beginning) and setting the duration to "Until the end of the video". This will allow the viewer to click the CTA at any point in the video while keeping the form out of sight until the CTA is clicked.

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