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Mobile Support for Wistia
Mobile Support for Wistia

Ensuring your Wistia interactive videos work on Mobile devices like iPhone and Android.

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To ensure that your Wistia interactive videos play inline on iOS and Android Devices, you must use the use the Native Player Embed code in HapYak. To do so follow these steps:

  1.  Click the Share Button

  2. Make sure you select the Wistia Player Share Type.

3. To ensure that the video plays inline in Full screen, add this to your video embed code: fullscreenOnRotateToLandscape="false"  right after the playsinline="true" inside the opening <iFrame> Tag:

(Note the fullscreenOnRotateToLandscape="false" attribute is still in beta in Wistia and is subject to change)

To consult with HapYak for Mobile Best Practices around Wistia Sourced Videos, click the button Below:

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