My video doesn’t load in the HapYak Editor

The HapYak interactive video solution uses the Brightcove SmartPlayer and requires JavaScript API access to be enabled.  If your connection to Brightcove timed out, this may be your solution.

To verify JavaScript API access is enabled in your Brightcove account:

  1. Go to: “Publishing” > “Settings” > “Global” 
  2. Check the box under “Web Settings” labeled “Enable ActionScript/JavaScript APIs”

I verified that Brightcove JavaScript APIs are enabled and my video still doesn’t load

Brightcove has many styles of code used to embed their video players. If the embed code you’re adding to the HapYak Editor does not load the video, try instead using the Player URL to the video.

I tried everything and my video still won’t load in the Editor

Please contact or ping us directly through intercom in the portal!

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