Friendly Warning: welcome to developer territory. 

You will have a lot of fun if you are comfortable with HTML, Javascript and CSS, or have a friend / colleague that is. If not, you may have a bad time. 

If you are a real do-it-yourselfer and want to learn yourself, we highly recommend first taking Codeacademy's free HTML/CSS and JavaScript courses. 


To create interactions between your main page and the video, you will need to utilize our viewer object along with creating a few simple functions.

Let’s see this in action.

On-page Controls

  1. Click Embeded
  2. Ensure you’re using the HapYak Native Player embed code 
  3. Copy and Paste this code onto your webpage
  4. Attach an “onload” event within “hapyak.viewer”
  5. Create a variable which can be accessed within the necessary scope
    apiKey: "xxxx",
    projectID: xxxx,
    player: xxxx,
    playerType: "xxxx",
    autoplay: false,
     onload: function(viewer) {
       hapyak_viewer = viewer;

You are now able to call or hapyak_viewer.pause() from within a function

Note: For a snippet of example code please see the resource below

Part 2: Click Here
Please Note: this is a Proof of Concept only provided to show the possibilities of the HapYak Platform and should not be taken as an offer to create, edit or maintain custom integration or development.

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