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Customizing the HapYak Player
Customizing the HapYak Player

Removing Logo, Annotation Markers, Skip Annotation Buttons and Timeline from the HapYak Player

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Customizing One Project and All Projects

*** This feature is exclusive to HapYak Enterprise customers

The standard HapYak player includes the HapYak logo, annotation markers, skip annotation buttons and a timeline. 

To customize which of these elements appear on a project, click Settings, then check the options in the Control Bar Style section.

To customize which appear across all your projects in your group

  1. Click the Group Settings Menu, and select Defaults.

  2. Check the options in the Playerbar section.

  3. Click Save: IMPORTANT - This will configure the player for every project in your group. You can always override the group default player settings on a specific project.

Here is a video walkthrough.

Custom Control Bar Style

Enterprise Customers, Partners, and Certified Agencies can change colors, fonts, and the logo on the HapYak player control bar.

Note: Requires CSS development experience & Enterprise License

  1. Email and we'll send you back a base Control Bar CSS file that you can customize. 

  2. Make edits as necessary.

  3. Upload the CSS file to your server. Copy the link to it

  4. Go to the project you are working on

  5. Click Settings on the top right corner of the screen

  6. In the text box labeled, Custom Control CSS URL, add your CSS URL (ensure the protocol, http: or https: is removed from the URL)

Note: This custom control bar CSS will completely override any other control bar styles.

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