A transparent overlay, or hotspot, is an invisible or translucent rectangle you place over an element in the video. It's used for making elements that are already in the video file itself interactive. A transparent overlay is especially useful if you add all your graphics and text in Avid, Premiere. AfterEffects, Motion, etc...

To add a transparent overlay, click the icon below.

While editing, the transparent overlay has a handy light grey outline that helps you position it. That disappears when you are in "view" mode or when your viewers watch the video.

Completely Invisible Overlay

When a viewer hovers over the the transparent overlay annotation, a blue outline appears  over it by default.  

If you would like to remove this blue outline for all projects simply go to Group Settings / Style Builder, click "Edit Existing" and set Hotspot opacity to 0.

If you would like to remove this blue outline for one project simply paste this into Settings / Custom Annotation CSS URL


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