Private Videos

On the Vimeo Video page (e.g. click on "Settings", then "Privacy." The privacy settings you select here will be retained on your interactive video project in HapYak. So if the video is password protected on Vimeo, it will be password protected in HapYak.:

For "Where can this video be embedded?" Select "Anywhere." (Or select "Only on Sites I Choose" and enter in the domain field.)

You can also change the privacy settings on all your videos at once in your Global Video Settings.

More detail on Vimeo's privacy settings are here.

Removing Vimeo Controls

When you embed a Vimeo video anywhere (including HapYak) by default they show play/pause, timeline and other controls on top of the video. If you'd like to remove these Vimeo controls you can do so with a Vimeo Pro account.

Follow the configuration pictured below and then copy and paste this new embed code to create a HapYak project.

Removing Vimeo Play Button

When you remove the controls, Vimeo automatically applies a play button in the center of your video that appears on load, pause, play or hover (see image above). To remove this use the Video File to create the HapYak project.

  1. Go to your Vimeo Video Settings Page.  Video File tab. Copy the High Def (or standard Def) MP4 URL.
  2. Create a Project with that in HapYak. Use VideoJS as the embed type.
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