1. In your HapYak project, click "View Landing Page". Copy the URL ( for ex/ - http://hapyak.com/portal/viewer/71ec0ca6482a8daad98f1ed53158b9fe)

2. In Captivate, select "Insert Interaction". Select the "Web Object Interaction Type."
3. Paste the landing page link into the Address field.
4. You may notice the video looks cropped. If it does, resize the Web Object Interaction Window in Captivate.
5. Here's the key! When you Preview or Publish the Captivate course, select HTML5 Output.

Note, if you can not publish to HTML5 you will need to append the landing page link with "?user=guest"
(e.g. http://hapyak.com/portal/viewer/71ec0ca6482a8daad98f1ed53158b9fe?user=guest )

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