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Add an Olark Widget to a Video
Add an Olark Widget to a Video
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Here's an Example:

Here's how to do it.

  1. Copy the Olark embed code.

  2. Add an iframe annotation. Paste in the code as you see here

  3. Position the iframe on the bottom of the video. Set the start time and duration. The standard start time is 0. The standard duration is "entire video."


  • Be sure to alert your operators that there is now a chat box attached to a specific video. You may get visitors who want to chat specifically about what's in the video, but might not specifically say that. One way your operators can tell is by looking at the page the customer is viewing. If it says, "looking at https://hapyak_uploads..." then they are chatting from your video. 

  • A chat box in your video will function slightly differently than on your site. If the customer navigates to a new page, the chat will not follow them to the new page. They will have to come back to the video to continue the conversation, or open a new chat tab on your site.

  • Your operator will not have the ability to see if the customer navigated to a new page or what that page is if they do navigate away.

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