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Quiz Pass / Fail Threshold
Quiz Pass / Fail Threshold
What does the Quiz "Pass / Fail Threshold" mean, and how do I use it?
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"Set Pass / Fail Threshold" is a configuration setting on the Pass / Fail options dialog of a Quiz Annotation. When Quizzes are used for assessment, HapYak records a pass / fail determination for each Quiz.

Since the Quiz annotation supports more than one question, the "Pass / Fail threshold" let's you define what percentage of those questions must be answered correctly for the user to "pass."

By default, the threshold to Pass any quiz is 51%, meaning a simple majority of correct answers means the user Passes the Quiz. You can override this percentage to apply your own standards.

This is a tricky feature though, here's why: HapYak reports do not currently show "Pass/Fail" determinations, they only show Correct/Incorrect at the individual question level. The reason this feature exists is to properly mark the data for customers with an LMS (Learning Management System) integration, or who use our APIs directly to access the data. 

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