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Sign In Widget (aka "Lead Wall" / "Turnstile" / "Gate")
Sign In Widget (aka "Lead Wall" / "Turnstile" / "Gate")
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The Sign In widget is a flexible, powerful tool that lets you track known viewers. It is used to generate leads, to have learners and trainees sign in, or to add a gate to a video. 

Viewers will only have to sign in once, and we'll automatically remember them every time they watch a HapYak video on the same device.

Add a Sign In Widget

  1. Select Add IFrame from the annotation menu (the pink icon highlighted above). 

  2. Select Sign In from the Widget Library and click Add.

  3. On the configuration menu, edit title text, enable or disable required fields (an optional customizable field is also available), and set default colors for background, text, and buttons. 

  4. Select the form options to allow users to skip the form, or forcing interaction through gating. 

  5. Click Save


The Poll Widget Summary report can be found on the "Core Reports" section of the HapYak platform. Users can review all polls available across their group with information on widget usage. 

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