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Analytics and Reports Overview
Analytics and Reports Overview

Next-Generation Insight into your Viewers and your Videos

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All reports can be filtered by date range and project. View, sort and filter reports in the app and click the Download button to export a csv.


This is a high level overview. The range is fixed to the last 7 days. Use this report to ensure that interaction rate across all your videos continues to rise.

  • People: The total number of individual people who watched your videos. aka Users.

  • Plays: The total number of video plays. A play is counted if a viewer clicks play or if the videos autoplays. If a viewer rewatches a video in a given session that counts as one play.

  • Plays with Interaction: The total number of plays where a viewer clicked at least one interaction.

  • Interaction Rate: Plays with Interaction / Plays. Track this closely. You want to get to as close to 100% as possible.

  • Active Sessions: This is our first "live" stat and shows a running counter of active people who are watching your videos. This count resets every 10 minutes.

Core Reports

These show interaction data rolled up by video (project) or by viewer. You can see for the first time which videos are most engaging and which viewers are most engaged.

Project Summary: Shows which interactive videos viewers are engaging with most.
​Project Activity Stream: Shows an event-by-event rundown of each action a viewer takes.
​User Summary: Shows which viewers are most engaged.
​User Activity Summary: Shows en event-by-event rundown of each action a user takes on each video which viewers are most engaged.

Question Report

A summary of how all viewers have answered quiz annotations on each project.


A rollup of how each viewer has answered quiz annotations on each project.

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