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Does HapYak work on mobile?

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Yes! HapYak annotations are fully responsive for any size screen and work on all mobile devices. Note of course that mobile phones in particular are a small form factor so you'll want to ensure that annotations are authored with that in mind.


iPad is supported out-of-the-box.


Apple supports interactive video for iOS 10 and higher.

You'll want to ensue that the embed code from your video player (Brightcove, YouTube, Wistia, Kaltura, Video.js etc...) will include the "playsinline" tag to interactive playback.

With some players you can simply check a box in your account settings, while with others you may need to add the tag to your embed code by typing it in. Here are the details...

  • Brightcove: Manually add "playsinline" to the embed code.

  • YouTube: Manually add "playsinline" to the embed code. Details here.

  • Wistia: For All Videos: In Account > Advanced > Beta Features check Tiny Vulcan. For one video, manually add "playsinline" to the embed code.

  • Kaltura: Manually add "playsinline" to the embed code.

  • Video.js: Manually add "playsinline" to the embed code.

  • Vimeo: No support. To request this feature from Vimeo, click here.

  • HapYak (Video uploaded directly): No work needed. We add the "playsinline" tag automatically to your embed code.

If you are unable to add this tag to your video player simply email their support team this article and cc and we can assist.


Android has a large constellation of device / os versions / carrier combinations so like most apps and SaaS apps it is not officially supported. But the good news is the vast majority of these environments simply works out of the box as most support inline playback of video.

Playback UX Options on Mobile

Inline v. Full Screen

Inline means the interactive video will play back in the exact place on the web page it is embedded. Full Screen means that when a viewer taps play, the interactive video will take over the screen during play back.

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