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HapYak offers a variety of reports to provide users insight into how their video(s) are performing. This article will outline the functionality each report offers and the data it exposes.

You can access reports these reports via the rail on the left side of the HapYak studio.


This report tells you who has been watching your on demand videos over the last few minutes. The information shown includes the URL the video was watched on, the browser/device, and the action: play, complete, or interaction.

Core Reports

These are HapYak’s standard performance reports. They provide summary information about the Play Rate and Interaction rate of each video.

HapYak provides Project, Experience, and User filters for both summary and activity stream reports (Enterprise Licenses). A summary report provides general metrics for a given resource (Project, Experience, User), while an activity stream report provides more contextual metrics to understand how a resource performed in a given session.

Custom Reports

These are customer-specific reports that usually contain additional fields based on the customer’s unique video metadata. Contact support@hapyak.com for more information about how to setup custom reports.

Question Report

This report is a specialty visualization for multiple-choice questions asked via the “Quiz” annotation. It displays the question asked, and a count of how many responses were received.

Each row in the report is clickable, allowing users to drill-down for more in depth information about how their clients performed for each question.


This report is a specialty visualization for questions asked via the “Quiz” annotation. It displays the final answer submitted to a question, for each individual user who answered.

Like the question report, each row is clickable, allowing for further insight into each users responses.

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