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How to create a user poll in your projects

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DISCLAIMER: This feature is currently in BETA.

The Poll widget is a powerful, versatile tool for data collection. Users can enter a question or prompt, upload a cover image, and create different poll types including: Multiple Choice, True or False, and Picture Choice.  

Adding A Poll Annotation

  1. Select Add IFrame from the annotation menu (the pink icon highlighted above). 

  2. Select Poll from the Widget Library and click Add.

  3. Choose your poll type.

  4. Add a question or prompt, description, and cover image.

  5. Fill out any answer choices and adjust any settings. 

  6. Click Save.

Editing Polls

From the main edit screen, users can also edit the settings, positioning, and results page for their polls. 

The Settings menu allows users to customize the primary and secondary colors, adjust the borders, or even add a background music track. 

The Positioning menu allows for positioning the poll on the left, right, or center of the screen. 

The Results Page menu shows results of the poll, along with editable fields for a message and image. 

Poll Types

Multiple Choice

Type answer choices into the available fields. Click the + icon to add more answer choices and click the X icon next to a choice to delete it (supports 2 to 4 answer choices).

True or False

Choose between True or False, Yes or No, and Like or Dislike.

Picture Choice

Users can upload up to four picture choices. Hover over the image icon to upload an image. Click the + icon to add additional choices and click the X icon to delete a choice (note: you must have at least two answer choices).


The Poll Widget Summary report can be found on the "Core Reports" section of the HapYak platform. Users can review all polls available across their group with information on widget usage. 

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