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Gather valuable feedback from your customers with this handy tool

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The User Sentiment widget is a great way to gather customer feedback about the helpfulness of your video projects. Users can customize their feedback using three different icon types: Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, Star Rating (out of 5), and Emoticons. 

User Like Count

When using the “Thumbs Up/Down” icon type, users can turn on a count for the number of likes and dislikes. The two counts can be activated separately from the configure modal.

A threshold can be set for each count, which will prevent the count from displaying until a certain number of likes/dislikes have been recorded. 

If you’re not ready to show like or dislike counts yet, no sweat. While using the “Thumbs Up/Down” icon type we will still continue to collect the number of likes and dislikes which you can choose to display at a later date.

Adding a User Sentiment Widget

  1. Select Add From the Widget Library

  2. Select User Sentiment from the Widget Library and click Add.

  3. Scroll over the annotation and click the orange Configure button to set user prompt, icon type, background color, and display settings.

  4. Click Save.


The User Sentiment Summary report can be found on the "Core Reports" section of the HapYak platform. Users can review all projects with the user sentiment annotation across their group with information on widget usage.

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