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Hosting Videos with HapYak
Hosting Videos with HapYak

How to host and publish videos via the HapYak Player.

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One of the great things about HapYak is our integrations with so many 3rd party video players! This lets you keep using the player of your choice whether it's YouTube, Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo or any of 20 other supported players, and still take advantage of everything HapYak has to offer.

The sad truth is that sometimes those companies change their code without telling us which can break our integration. Sad, but true.

If your videos are the unfortunate victims of such a change, stay calm, HapYak can help! We will act as fast as humanly possible to resolve the issue. Please submit a ticket to and also contact your player provider. 

If this is an untenable risk for you, we do offer a built-in "HapYak" player that guarantees your interactive functionality can be used at any time.  

HapYak Video Hosting

Video hosting with HapYak is a simple process:

  1.  You upload your MP4 video files to HapYak 

2)  We store those files on our cloud servers for your viewers to watch

3) You publish projects in the HapYak player

That's it!

This solution is great for many people who want to streamline their workflow to upload, enhance and play interactive videos and protect against any unexpected changes to the host.

A word of caution though; our video partners provide powerful features that you might need, like transcoding and HLS streaming. You will need to try out the HapYak solution and carefully decide if it's right for you.

If you have any pressing concerns about hosting your videos on HapYak, send us an email.

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