You can create an interactive video project in HapYak with any Wistia video by simply copying the URL of the Wistia video and using that as the video source of the project.

But, if you are going to make dozens or hundreds of Wistia videos interactive, the Browse Media integration will save you a lot of time. You will not have to copy and paste from Wistia each time to create a project. Rather your entire Wistia library will appear within HapYak and you can create a project for any of them with one click.


  1. Email and request it be added to your account.

  2. In the HapYak Admin Panel, go to Integrations. On the Wistia card, turn on the Enabled switch.

  3. In Wistia, go to API Access. Click "new token". Check "Read all data". Click "Create Token."

  4. Copy that token and paste it into the card in HapYak integrations. Click Save.


  1. In the home screen click New Project. Select the video under the Browse Media tab. 

  2. It will automatically name the Project the same as the Wistia video.  If you'd like to change that you can.

  3. Click Submit. You're done!

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