HapYak's Auto Chapters process is a powerful feature that lets you automatically add chapters and a chapter menu to all or many of you Brightcove videos at once.

This is a huge timesaver and can quickly reveal deep insight into which videos and which sections of your videos viewers are interested in most.

This advanced feature is available as an add-on to a a HapYak Enterprise or Platform account.

How it Works

Auto Chapters works by simply uploading a .csv file of all the chapter metadata to HapYak. 

It's best for customers who produce dozens or hundreds of videos. You can even export the metadata from Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Brightcove etc... to easily create this .csv file. Email if you have any questions on how to easily generate your .csv file.
Note: All information in the CSV must be formatted correctly (i.e. all HapYak ID's must match, all video titles must match, all chapters times must be in HH:MM:SS:MsMsMs format)

Once you have it, visit this form or click the button below to make an Auto Chapters batch request.


  1. An admin of the HapYak group must make this request. To see if you are an admin go here - and click Manage Users.
  2. A HapYak Enterprise or Platform account with the Auto Chapters add on.
  3. The HapYak Plugin for Brightcove configured. Details here -

Important Notes

  1. This process adds annotations to the videos. It doesn't update any existing annotations.
  2. This process adds a chapter menu and one chapter for each row CSV file you provide. It automatically determines the HapYak project to add the annotation based on the Brightcove Video ID in the row.
  3. If a project does not exist in HapYak for a particular video ID, we will create one.
  4. If in the future you would like to modify the auto created annotations you can do so within the HapYak portal, (but not via this auto chapters process).
  5. Note: Default Group Style & Configuration are applied to both Chapters & Chapter Menu behavior.  If you prefer a different configuration, please email
  6. If you prefer the chapters to be created in separate batches, upload a separate file for each batch.
  7. .csv is the required file format. If you prefer using Excel or Google Sheets to create the file, simply export as .csv
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