Yes! The HapYak platform supports 360 video. To date, all of our implementations have been highly collaborative, focusing on high-visibility marquee projects with brands and enterprises.

With HapYak you can add to your 360 videos:

  • Hotspots
  • Embedded advertisements
  • Branching
  • Images
  • Moving elements mapped to the 360 sphere
  • Orientation trackers
  • Video in video
  • Social share
  • Embedded lead gen, lead qualification forms
  • ON CLICK Links to times or orientation in video, URLs, JavaScript and more

We even provide a heat map that shows you where your viewers are focusing on your 360 videos.

A few important notes:

  • We do not have a self-serve authoring environment
  • Our Creative Services team can provide implementation services to author the interactive layer of the 360 Video experience.

To get started, email and we'll email back a link to our Interactive 360 Video demos.

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