You can use HapYak to branch between videos in a Wistia playlist. This is a powerful technique to create interactive content experiences with your Wistia videos. Examples here and here.


  1. Email and we will provision your account for access to this beta feature.
  2. In HapYak, Click Playlists, new playlist.
  3. In your Wistia project, Project Actions, Get Playlist. Copy the embed code. Ensure Theme is "Tab" and Embed type is "API".
  4. Paste that into HapYak. Copy the Output. Paste the output into your website, CMS or LMS (wherever the videos will be viewed).
  5. Play through each video for a few seconds in the new embedded playlist. HapYak automatically creates a project for each video in that playlist.
  6. Open each project in HapYak and add annotations as normal. The videos will be updated live and dynamically where the playlist is embedded.

You can add interactions that dynamically branch from video to video by adding the following in Link / JavaScript:

  • - play the next video.
  • playlist.back() - play the previously loaded video.
  • - play the 4th video in the playlist.
  •'1b1b79nd2t') - play video with specific source id.
  •'Marketing-Teaching') - play video with specific source video title.


  • The Playlist integration automatically ensures videos are responsive.
  • If you add new videos to your Wistia project they will automatically be added to your HapYak playlist.
  • Developers can customize playlist behavior using our Playlist API.
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