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We have an early version of a HapYak plugin for Wordpress that you can use to automatically pass logged in user info from Wordpress to HapYak. That way your HapYak reports and analytics will show data for known viewers. This plugin is ALPHA. So please use with caution and please back up Wordpress before installing it.

1) Download the plug in here. Make sure you have backed up Wordpress. Then in Wordpress, click Plugins, Add New, Upload. Choose the .zip file you just downloaded. Click "Install Now", then "Activate Plugin".

You'll see a HapYak Interactive Video menu appear in Wordpress. Click on it.


2) Go to your HapYak account settings. Copy the API Read Key and paste that into the box in Wordpress.

3) Go to any post or page in Wordpress. Make sure your editor is in HTML mode.  Embed a HapYak project with one or more shortcodes.

Short Codes

[hapyak project=""][/hapyak]
Put the HapYak project number in between the quotes. The project number is found in URL - ex/ http://www.hapyak.com/portal/projects/6876, the project number is 6876.

[hapyak project="" userinfo="true"][/hapyak]
If userinfo="true" then user information from Wordpress will be passed as variables to HapYak reports and analytics. The variables that are passed are userId, username, firstName, lastName. The variables username and userId will be used to identify unique users in HapYak's analytics.

Short Code Example

[hapyak project="6876" userinfo="true"][/hapyak]
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