We've explored SCORM based on customer requests in the past. The end-goal of using SCORM is most often to ensure you can pass user-level engagement and interaction data (which chapters they watched, how they answered questions, etc...) into an LMS / LRS.

We believe SCORM is a standard that is waning and is fundamentally incompatible with video.  

HapYak offers other options to connect with your LMS

A) HapYak LTI Module - This is our standard recommendation is to connect HapYak with and LMS.

B) A direct API-to-API connection with an LMS - This is a custom connection that we have done with certain proprietary LMSs.

C) xAPI / Tin Can - Not currently supported by HapYak. Email us if this is a necessity for your interactive video projects and we can advise on options.

If you do need your HapYak projects to work within an existing SCORM wrapper contact support@hapyak.com and we can advise on options.

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