Here's a real timesaver!

A template is a track of annotations that is applied to multiple projects. Use templates to quickly apply identical annotations to dozens or hundreds of videos with one click.

You can add multiple template tracks to a project. And, if you ever update the template track, it will automatically update all projects that use this template.

This is great for example, for adding a logo that will show up in all your videos, adding a "skip-ahead" button to a series of videos that have the same pattern, or adding a call to action on all your videos.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Project List, click Templates, New Template.
  2. HapYak automatically loads a sample video source.  You can change this video by clicking Configure, Video source
  3. Add annotations.  Pro Tip: If you set the start time to -20, the annotation will appear 20 seconds before the end of the video. This means it will dynamically adjust for every project the template is applied to. Likewise, 25% will set the start time to 25% of the way into the video, no matter the length.
  4. To apply the template to a project, navigate to that project, Configure, Template projects.
  5. Sit back and enjoy all the time you saved.
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