The Annotation List lets you quickly see and navigate to all the annotations on your video and then edit, copy or delete with one click.

Using the Annotation List

The list is best for quickly scanning all your annotations and selecting one that you on which you want to take action. So there's no need to play the video to go to the annotation. You'll see at a glance an icon for the annotation type, the text of the annotation and start and end times.

You can see also quickly see which annotations have annotation options set like Pause, Gate or Display Rule. The "More" icon primarily indicates that a link is set.

The Actions let you Edit, Copy or Delete the annotation.

Copy Annotation

This is a powerful functionality that lets you save time by copying and existing annotation and then modifying the copy. That way you don't have to create each annotation from scratch.

Search for Text in Annotations

Sometimes you'll have many annotations on a HapYak project and you'll want to be able to quickly find a particular one (like any that use the words "Click Here" or have the text "Review Quiz" for example.)

You can quickly do so in the Annotation List by simply by selecting Edit / Find (⌘F) and then searching for the term or word(s).

Here's an example...

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