Automatically loading a URL without a user-initiated action is generally discouraged UX - and technically prohibited by browsers in many cases.

HapYak annotations don't have the capability to load a URL without a user action. However, If you're technically inclined, you can do this yourself with our API. You would create a javascript listener for the video-complete event, then perform the desired action.

If you decide to take that approach HapYak can provide some code examples to help.

Here's a working example:
At the end of the video it auto navigates to

Here are the important lines of code:

onTrackingEvent: function(data) {
   if (data.event==="Player Action" &&"End")===0) {
      window.location.href = ""}}  

Note: this even works on an iPhone (even when the video is playing in the native QuickTime app).

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